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The Republicans Won: OK. Now What?

A new responsibility now rests with the Republican Party, with a commanding majority in The House and a solid majority in the Senate. Over the next two years we will look to Senator Mitch McConnell to address issues of the complete lack of federal accountability with regard to bureaucratic and executive abuses of power, while Speaker Boehner must address our increasingly out of control spending and debt. The Republican Party no longer have the two bogeymen in Pelosi and Reid to blame for their lack of action and America’s domestic and foreign decline.

With Congress completely controlled by the Republican Party, I look for them to 1. Secure the Border. 2. Reduce the Deficit through wide ranging and responsible budget cuts. 3. Return tax rates to those enjoyed under President George W. Bush’s Administration. 4. Repeal Obamacare. 5. Investigate Fast and Furious, IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups during the 2012 Presidential Campaign, the governments refusal to act during the terror attack in Benghazi and the cover up which proceeded it. 6. Address the out of control Bureaucracy (especially the IRS and EPA).

Republicans need to put their alternative health care legislation on the table in their first session of 2015. Republicans need to faithfully pass itemized budgets, without using Omnibus Bills and Continuing Resolutions. Republicans need to return our nation to fiscal sanity and they need to do all of this during the build up toward the 2016 Presidential Elections.

I am now convinced that Republicans will vote for anyone with an “R” next to their name, that they really do prefer the John McCain’s, John Boehner’s, Mitch McConnell’s, Bob Dole’s, George W. Bush’s, and Mitt Romney’s of the party. Republicans came out in record numbers to support McConnell and Boehner’s establishment candidates yesterday, sending a clear message that voters desire more of the same.

Fine. If that’s what you want, then that’s what we’ll have. We’ll probably be marginally better off under criminal corporatists and Washington Insiders than under the Marxist operatives of the Democrat Party. It might even tack on a few extra months or years to the Republic. But if these Republicans want to stay in power, they are going to have to do what they didn’t do the last time they were in charge.

The American People destroyed Boehner and McConnell over their complete failure to effectively operate the United States Government. Now, we’ve put the same people in charge of our economy that crushed it just six short years ago. Maybe those six years have had a positive, though silent, effect on the Republican Establishment. Maybe they will take the business of running our nation seriously this time, instead of selfishly using their power to enrich their friends in Wall Street and on K Street.

I am not optimistic and I’m not happy, but I hope that the consequences of their previous failures will serve as an impetus to do it better their second time around. The Democrats will now run against the Republican Congress in 2016. If the Republican Congress fails to strengthen our economy and the effectiveness of our government during the next two years, the Democrats will take back the White House and the Senate in 2016. For all the “conservatives” and “constitutionalists” who have joined the Establishment Bandwagon, I will leave it to you to hold these public officials accountable. This is a chance to save the country or once and for all destroy the Republican Brand.

Good Luck. The Republic depends on you.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

5 Responses to “The Republicans Won: OK. Now What?”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Steve Tucker makes two points in particular worth noting. The first one is the voters enthusiastic support of republican establishment candidates. The same folks who have had numerous opportunities over the last 50 years to address these problems now claim ” they are serious this time “.

    The value in this is if and when the republican establishment fails or continues on with business as usual, the hard liners like myself will receive the vindication of having been right all along, knowing John Taylors wise words ” republicans won’t change until they know we won’t vote for them” has yet to be demonstrated. A visceral hatred for the President may turn out republican voters but it hardly alone moves the rock. Am I wishing the republicans bad luck, or hoping for their failure, of course not. I am just so very jaded and cynical , born from having faced the truth about how politics work in America today.

    Steve’s second and equally relevant point is his observation that the democrats will run against a republican controlled Congress in two years, handing back the advantage to Hillary and the Dem’s if they don’t accomplish some major legislative solutions. Look at voter turnout and the Presidents observation that 2/3 of voters didn’t vote. Has anyone considered this abysmal turnout is a result of the growing disdain Americans feel for our political process ? The often heard refrain ” it doesn’t matter who wins ,nothing will change” is fast becoming a sentiment shared by more and more Americans, and with good cause I might add. It isn’t hard to understand why more citizens are coming to that conclusion, government , no matter which party has been in control has only gotten worse.

    Each and every time I have been attacked by the republican apologist crowd I simply ask for them to point out where the success can be noted in republicans having controlled Virginia for 4 years and no major legislative achievements can be cited. I ask my critics to explain why after 2010 , and the 82 new seats the Patriot movement delivered with the party leadership promising Americans 30 billion in FY 2011 spending cuts —which never materialized. I can stand the critics attacks, they struggle however answering those simple questions, or explaining why we should believe any of their campaign promises.

    This isn’t a football game, and winning isn’t progress. Let’s stand back and watch to see if this “big win” translates into meaningful progress, or is as Rush Limbaugh wryly noted in August 2013 ” republicans don’t really want smaller government, they just want a turn at running it” Time will tell if Rush was correct. Let’s pray he is not, for time is fast running our.

    Bob Shannon

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    The only thing you mite see is number 5. That is what mentally excites the low info Republican base. Almost all of these low info Republican’s are apparently secure in their own Government subsidies of one form or another.

    The Corporate sanctioned Bushites, (wow, just noticed the middle 4 letters) will complete the destruction of the middle-class that they started in 2000.

    One ObamaCare EXEMPT large Corporate healthcare policy that I am familiar with experienced a 16% premium increase last month at annual renewal time. Repeat not under ObamaCare, 16% premium increase in one year for healthcare insurance. Now, speaking on the phone to Virginia Anthem my-self last week, I was told those on ObamaCare could expect a 3% increase next year. I know, not what Limbaugh told you is it? Perhaps you would explain this Mr. Limbaughterian Steven Brodie Tucker??

    The only Platform the Republican’s ran on is their usual one of lies and deceptions. Accuse the other guy of what they themselves are guilty of. Just look at Virginia government from 2010-14 to see what Washington Republican’s will now do. Budget increased $75 Billion to 96 Billion by the Republican’s in Virginia.

    Why no complaint from the Tea Party types or the “grassroots” about the Virginia budget? Because it is going into their pockets, that is why.

    More spending to finance more government.

  3. Robert Shannon


    The reason you received such a small increase in your health insurance premium is very easy to understand. I did a presentation on the Affordable Care Act 2010–2014.

    Costs have simply been shifted with young people getting hammered. I just received a phone call this morning from a 34 year old who’s premium has doubled, from $130 a month to almost $270 a month.

    The political decision was made to shield middle aged and seniors once again ( you know , the ones who vote) and pass the horrendous costs onto younger folks. It is all over the press and well documented.

    Last week in my presentation I pointed out as was cited by Dave Brat in his campaign event at Randolph Macon last Tuesday, the ACA covered not the 57 million number that was often cited, but to date around 8 million AT A COST OF $80,000 PER PERSON.

    Please don’t try and defend that with some foolish platitude. It is yet another example of how progressive theory clashes with economic reality. In this case once again it is the younger American who will get hit with the shifting of the true costs. Nothing is free and this ACA will in just a few years destroy the best health care system in the world. You will get what you wanted, the 12 month wait times for knee and hip replacements, the decision to not pay for certain treatments and therapies because of advanced age etc etc etc.

    In 2000 private practice physicians were at 39% of the doctor total, it is now down to 31% and falling. Doctors are going to work for the big hospital chains , abandoning private practices because of the regulatory costs and headaches.

    Everyone will be covered under your desired single payer system, which is where this is headed but I always watch the look on peoples faces when I ask this 1 simple question ……..why do 9,000 Canadians cross the border each and every month if Universal care is the panacea you suggest it is. Funny how the proponents can never answer that question ??

    Bob Shannon Licensed Health Insurance Agent for over 20 years.

    • Gene Lefty says:

      Not so fast Mr. Shannon. You forgot to tell the readers how the working middle-class can afford 16% annual increases in the cost of their healthcare insurance premiums? The same double digit annual increases that gave us ObamaCare in the first place????? Did you bother to tell the 34-year-old that they would get their money back when they got older, if not sooner? What group pays for Social Security for those who have retired? What group pays for Medi-Care for those who are on it? Is it mainly the ones who are not retired?

      You also forgot to tell me where you and your Tea Party have been since 2010 while I have fought the MASSIVE Virginia budget increases alone. 2015 being over 10% larger than the 2014 budget? Tell the readers what the Tea Party signs say about silence? I am sick and tired of Politicians offices telling me I am the only one complaining about the Virginia budget increases.

      When were you in January 2013 when HB 2313 started gaining momentum? Apparently you are not taxed enough already???

      Your budget has a hole in it, it does not hold water.

  4. Robert Shannon

    Typical of Gene to decide who can and cannot afford 16% premium increases. For the record this young 34 year old had a 100% increase, as are many of the young people signing up to buy insurance on this exchange. The report I did just 2 weeks ago documented the single biggest problem so far , and it is the lack of young people signing up for coverage. Since I have this particular background I understand better than most what that means, namely that the “pool” will be largely made up of older ,sicker folks that will cause an explosion in renewal rates that make what is happening today seem like childs play.

    The market place should do this function , not a demographic slice of the electorate. Placing young people in the position of paying for someone else’s health care or retirement is the nonsense of central planning, a strategy tried and failed every time and every place it has ever been tried. Your reference to the “working middle class” being able to afford it ? Say’s who ?

    As for fighting budget/spending issues, how many of our meetings have you attended the last 3 years ? How many of the sign messages have you missed that were specifically budget/spending related ? How many of the Letters to the Editor that were exclusively on the topic of spending ? That is literally just about all we talk about. I have been present at each and every KW County budget meeting/hearing the last 3 years. In total some 25-30 meetings and I have not seen you at even one. I have publically spoke during the public comment period against each years budget, citing specific cuts KW County could make, documented these specific cuts and mailed them out to some 5,000 homes across the County. I have attended a half dozen meetings of the KW Republican Party, and lambasted both Chris Peace and Tommy Norment over the money the State wastes. Odd, but I don’t recall ( other than the 1 meeting when the KWTP hosted Senator Norment ) seeing you at any one of these meetings ?

    Why no mention of the $80,000 per person this Affordable Care Act ( an odd name indeed ) has spent ?

    Insulting low information republican voters ? They exist all the way across the political spectrum. You might be more effective if your rants included more specific facts and less insults.

    Bob Shannon


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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