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Time to Protest the Republican Party

1929031_80574207680_2531360_nWe wanted to send the GOP Establishment a message in 2010, so the grassroots sent a wave of conservative represenatives to the House of Representatives. In response, the House Leadership, under John Boehner, thwarted all their efforts and pressured them into obediance. Nothing happened. Boehner’s excuse was that without the Senate, there was nothing the House could do on its own. He intimated that it was pointless to fight without a Republican Senate. Mitch McConnell argued that, despite his unwillingness to fight between 2010 and 2014, that if we gave him the Senate in 2015, he’d fight for all the things we, the grassroots, cared about and fought for. So, we gave the Republicans and McConnell the Senate. Over the last seven months McConnell has thwarted all our efforts and continued to pressure his obediant lapdog, pathetic, Republican Senators into supporting the Obama-Agenda. Nothing has happened.

We’ve got to be honest with ourselves – this Republican Party is dilberately protecting every single aspect of the Obama Agenda and not only will they not fight for us, but they will attack any one of us who dares to take on this President. In the Senate, we’ve got Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul. I used to include Ben Sass in that, but he seems as though he may have kneeled and kissed McConnell’s ring. So forget him.

mitch-mcconnell-john-boehner-2009-10-15-13-41-59I have a suggestion for the TEA Party (I suspect that conservatives activists like Bob Shannon and Catherine Crabill will like this idea) – we should begin protesting the Republican Party outside of every establishment Republican office we can find. We stand outside of Rob Wittman’s office in Tappahanock with signs that say, “Wittman’s FOR Obama!” or “GOP FOR Obama!” or “Republicans Support Planned Parenthood!” or “GOP = Amnesty!” or “GOP = ObamaCare”, or “GOP = Aborted Babies”, or “Wittman, Boehner-Thug 4 Obama!”. I honestly don’t know much about designing angry TEA Party signs (I have no talent for marketing). The only one I ever carried said, “Hope and Change = Death and Taxes” (featured in the picture above). I honestly don’t care about the rhetoric so long as we are protesting the Republican Party’s support of the Obama Agenda. Believe me, if this happened outside of a few hundred Congressmen and Senators offices, they might start getting concerned.

We already elected Republicans. There is no reason to elect more. They have the Senate and the House. So, we need to begin protesting the Republican Party. We elected them, gave them the Congress, and they have failed to act. Our problem is not the Democrats. It’s the Republicans. It’s the Republicans, now, that should begin to feel the heat. 1929031_80574187680_4271833_n

Fact is, up until now, the only thing the Republican Party knows, is that the angrier the Grassroots becomes, the more Republicans there are in Congress. That’s a problem.

Groups of twenty to fifty conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists, outside every establishment Republican Congressman and Senator’s office, protesting the Republican Party’s support of the Obama Agenda or Obama/Clinton Agenda, should make a statement to the “ruling class”.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

8 Responses to “Time to Protest the Republican Party”

  1. Robert Shannon

    I helped organize 3 protests at Wittmans offices, two in Tappahannock and one in Stafford in the last 3 years. The biggest turnout was probably around 50 people. I believed and still do that this idea is indeed a sound one, but you need NUMBERS.

    Had we had 100-200 turn out it would have drawn much more attention, perhaps the media would have covered them with more attention than they received.

    What I do know is that the groups leaders were pathetic in their support, or lack of in driving their members to participate . In Wittmans district alone there is some 5-7 groups who did nothing to help. Why isn’t even a question, we all know why.

    Maybe that is changing, maybe the clarity is beginning to settle in , a recognition of sorts that we need to turn up the volume and the heat.

    All I know is unless and until I see some fire in the belly among these group leaders I won’t organize a fourth. Purge these groups of the go along and get along leaders and maybe it ignites the spark.

    Bob Shannon

  2. John Woods says:

    Rep. Wittman has done an excellent job standing up to the Establishment GOP in D.C. Take a look at his most recent votes on TPA/TPP.

  3. Steven Brodie Tucker

    John, you can’t just look at his final votes, you’ve got to look at his roll call votes.

  4. VA Right Mom says:

    Mr. Tucker-

    Until we stop voting for the Republican Establishment candidates- Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, etc and Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ed Gillespie, Eric Cantor, Romney- they will not listen to us.

    7th District Conservative Congressman Dave Brat told a group of Heritage Action Sentinels in Richmond last week that there is only “One Party in Washington DC. Every vote has money behind it. ”

    For the people in Varina- that means there is no Democrat Party or Republican Party- it’s the tax and spend Party. They are going to raise the debt ceiling AGAIN.

    What don’t the conservatives understand about that? Stop donating to them and stop working for them. Don’t make a phone call. Don’t knock one door. Don’t write a check. Don’t lift a finger- When the PACs call and want your money- HANG UP.

    It’s all leading to a third party. Trump’s polling numbers prove it. The conservatives in America hate the GOP- and they can’t win without us – we have the power.

  5. Patriot says:

    Where are the faith based groups? Where is Victoria Cobb and her army of Christian soldiers? Hmmmm? Where are the veterans? American Legion? VFWs? Where are the sunday school classes? Rotary Clubs? Ruritan Groups? VCDL members? NRA members? Small business organizations like NFIB? Where are the boy scouts?

    Where are the Christian voters?

    Care about veterans? According to Congresman Dave Brat, an economist, in 10 years 100% of the entire federal budget will be spent on entitlement spending. For people in Varina- that means Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.

    There will be no money for the Military- Obama’s plan? To destroy the military? VA should take notice.
    The economy in VA is dependent upon the military bases and miltary contracts. In 10 years there will be no money to maintain them.

    What’s the plan? There is NO PLAN.

    Wake up

  6. Gina Rossi says:

    Waiting for a third party- not the libertarian party, Mr. Tucker. A third Conservative Party-

    The libertarians support open borders. Just ask Rob Sarvis how that position worked out for him at the polls. Mr. Trump’s polling and his position against Illegal Aliens demonstrates that Americans want a closed border- The Great Mexican Wall.

    A Third Conservative Party. Now that’s a plan.

  7. John Woods says:

    Steven :

    I feel some of your sentiments toward the GOP but Rep. Wittman is the wrong one to pick on here. He is a solid conservative and we should be spending our energies on electing a Republican President instead of trying to eat our own. I hope you have a good one!

  8. Trump Supporter says:

    As a lifelong Republican donor, I am on the mailing lists for ALL the presidential candidates seeking GOP donor money.

    I return their donor cards and letters with “TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT” written across the card in a Sharpie Pen and spend 50 cents for a stamp on their envelopes to return my GOP protest to them.

    It’s a small thing but spending $5 to tell all of them to go to Hell gives me extreme pleasure.

    Join my protest-


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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