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Time to “…start whacking away” at the Constitution”?

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” There’s a lot of problems with this Constitution. I’ll just get up to this convention and start whacking away.”

  • Virginia Delegate Mark Sickles, Washington Post, 2/3/15

Are you prepared to let radical left-wing progressives like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid use an Article V Convention to start “whacking away” at the Bill of Rights?

Are you content with big-government billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg bankrolling an all-out mobilization blitz to put the Constitution on the chopping block?

Unfortunately, Republican Senator Emmett Hanger is conspiring to allow just that.

To make matters worse, Republican Senators Bryce Reeves, William Stanley, Thomas Garret, Richard Stuart, and Jill Vogel are all too eager to support his scheme for an Article V Convention.

That’s why it’s vital you contact them IMMEDIATELY:

Emmett Hanger: (804) 698-7524

Bryce Reeves: (804) 698-7517

William Stanley: (804) 698-7520

Thomas Garret: (804) 698-7522

Richard Stuart: (804) 698-7528

Jill Vogel: (804) 698-7527

Rumors are circulating that special interests are promising MASSIVE campaign contributions — despite the wishes of their constituents — in exchange for votes. So please call right away.

You see, if an Article V Convention is called into action, it won’t be grassroots leaders who get to call the shots.

It’s far more likely to be controlled by radical big-government politicians from both parties who are hell-bent on restricting our gun rights, limiting our political speech, and forcing pro-Liberty Americans like you and me to submit and embrace their liberal agenda.

Make no mistake: radical left-wing progressives are desperately craving for a chance to “whack away” at the freedoms you and I hold so dear.

The truth is, an Article V Convention is NOT the solution we need.

Despite what the big-government elites and special interests from both parties may tell you, the problem is not the Constitution.

The fault lies with our elected officials who IGNORE the Constitution.

That doesn’t mean you and I can’t rein in Washington D.C.

I know progress seems painfully slow. But the truth is, you and I have made HUGE gains.

But we need to keep fighting hard to preserve the Constitution and system of government our Founders provided — not an alternate version of the Bill of Rights rewritten by radical liberals who wish to make a Constitution based on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama’s vision for America.

If you agree, I urge you to contact these six Senators IMMEDIATELY:

Emmett Hanger: (804) 698-7524

Bryce Reeves: (804) 698-7517

William Stanley: (804) 698-7520

Thomas Garret: (804) 698-7522

Richard Stuart: (804) 698-7528

Jill Vogel: (804) 698-7527

Please do not wait.

You and I are close to defeating this for the current session. But if we are going to win, we must keep fighting.

Please keep up the pressure and call them RIGHT AWAY.

In Liberty

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