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Washington Post Reports: Freedom Caucus Surrenders. Stabs Constituents In The Heart.

gopeThese are amazing times. It is a rare thing that within just a few hours of writing an article I am given cause to retract it. Earlier today I wrote an article praising the Freedom Caucus for their strong principled stand for an open process and a principled, transparent, and deliberative House of Representatives. Whether through purchase or threat, the real power in the House of Representatives, the imperial chairman of the House and Ways Committee, Cantor Clone and Boehner Lieutenant, Paul Ryan appears to have broken the Freedom Caucus and bent them to his will.

In today’s article, What is the Freedom Caucus Really After, I may have misled my readers in the idea that these “conservatives” were something special and important. They are not. if the Washington Post can be believed.

‘Supermajority’ of House Freedom Caucus to back Paul Ryan’s speaker bid

Hard-line conservatives cleared a path late Wednesday for Rep. Paul Ryan to become House speaker when a majority of some of the most disgruntled House Republicans signaled that they would support his bid for the top job.

The decision to back Ryan by the 40-member House Freedom Caucus, which has risen in power and stature since its founding this year, came after the Ways and Means chairman spent much of his day courting its support.

“A supermajority of the caucus has agreed to support Paul Ryan,” said Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R-Idaho) after a lengthy evening meeting.

If true, it is certain that conservatives have no friends in the House of Representatives. I want names, but I doubt I’ll get them. Instead, I expect to get excuses embroidered in the white flag of Paul Ryan’s promises. When Paul Ryan breaks these promises, these “freedom” caucus folks will grandstand and scream that they were lied to, that they’d been had.

No, Congressmen. You weren’t had. Your constituents were. Again.

I admit that this reaction could be premature – that the Washington Post could be wrong – that the Freedom Caucus could regather its’ wits. If they don’t, however, they ought not be forgiven. We did not embrace them as the lesser evil amongst a lesser evil. They were supposed to represent us.

Share this message in every district represented by a member of the House Freedom Caucus: You Elect Paul Ryan Speaker and You Are Done. Period. End of story.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

3 Responses to “Washington Post Reports: Freedom Caucus Surrenders. Stabs Constituents In The Heart.”

  1. Jeanette Louis says:

    This was posted on the Facebook page from a gentleman named Tom Hallinan.

    “No to Paul Ryan as Speaker of Our House of Representatives.
    Just this alone should leave Americans Nauseated, ” Paul Ryan aligned himself with La Raza operative Luis Gutierrez.”
    This must be Stopped. La Raza and the Muslum Brotherhood Obama Administration have done us enough Damage.
    – Paul Ryan promoted Keynesian economic polices.
    – Paul Ryan voted for TARP.
    – Paul Ryan endorsed Marco Rubio’s amnesty plan.
    – Paul Ryan opposed the infinitesimally small 2% sequester cuts.
    – Paul Ryan denied that the United States was in a debt “crisis”.
    – Paul Ryan aligned himself with La Raza operative Luis Gutierrez.
    – Paul Ryan proudly proclaimed that his budget made NO cuts.
    – Paul Ryan supports gay adoption.
    – Paul Ryan claimed it was impossible to seal off the Mexican border.
    – Paul Ryan opposed the partial shutdown of the tyrannical federal government.
    – Paul Ryan conspired with Patty Murray to raise taxes and undo the sequester.
    – Paul Ryan targeted military personnel for cost-of-living reductions.

  2. Steven Brodie Tucker

    No one truly principled could vote for this guy.

  3. I have a theory but no proof: I think the FC was told to play ball or Ryan would get the votes he needed from Pelosi and who knows what that would mean. I would have rejected such a thing. But maybe someone will expose it and I’ll have evidence.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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