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We Are Beyond the Point of No Return: Let’s Act Like It

I’ve been a Libertarian since I was 18, after reading John Locke and Ayn Rand and listening to Harry Browne.

Today, I realize, I am no longer a Libertarian. Nor am I a Republican, or a Democrat, or anything else that has been categorized, fundraised for, or institutionalized.

We live in nation that was once a Constitutional Republic, but no longer. We are a now living in a country that practices some bizarre and rather unique form of Marxist Corporatism. So let’s drop all the pomp and circumstance about the necessity of electing more Republicans, or of abandoning the GOP and promoting the Libertarian Party. Let’s face it, the Democrats are full blown tyrants at this point and there is no hope for them or their voters. So let’s refocus.

republicans-democrats-donkey-elephant-boxing-posterWhen I think about what has become of our nation, I think about all those compromises we made on our way here. I think about all the rationalizations behind each compromise, behind the need to cross over the aisle, to work with the other side, and the “what about the poor” and “what about this situation” and “what about that situation”? Since the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, the American People have made compromise after compromise, up to and then beyond the point of no return. We were a nation of individual sovereigns. Today we are both ruled and governed, not by “representatives”, but by corporatists and Statists with no allegiance to our founding principles or philosophy.

There is no going back. We have to begin from where we are, and where we are is a complicated mess. Our government has gotten large enough that the wealthiest among us are actually quite dependent upon the system. Our largest corporations depend upon regulation to snuff out competition and subsidies to offset the costs of truly insane levels of federal and state regulation. Both political parties are knee deep in this bureaucratic and corporate matrix. There is no standard political solution to the problems we now face. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything for us to do – we’ve just got to change the way we think about our objectives and priorities.

  1. We need to stop giving money to political parties. I’m perfectly capable of voting without the Republican Party spending nearly a trillion dollars promoting their nominee; and I’m perfectly happy to vote for a Republican Candidate if that candidate shares my principles and philosophy. Give money directly to candidates who represent you and to PACs that directly represent the issues and principles you hold most dear.

  2. We need to reacquire our connection with a socio-political philosophy beyond which we refuse to compromise. Our experiment with publicly controlled safety nets has been a disastrous failure and it has led to increased federal control over our lives. We need to end social security, welfare, Medicare, and all of it – not because we don’t care about people, but because we are unwilling to sacrifice our liberty because of this person or that group.

  3. We need to abandon expensive foreign policy ideals that require vast sums of American Treasure. Nation Building and Foreign Aid must stop. If we have enemies, we ought to declare war, destroy those enemies, and then return to peace and non-intervention; but this requires that we have the most capable and agile military in the world and leaders unafraid to use that military when foreign terror or tyranny threatens global peace and tranquility.

  4. We need to end the culture of control and regulation that has plagued our state and federal governments. We need to get government out of moral policing and return the future of our moral sanctity to our religious institutions and to our cultural/philosophical leaders.

  5. We need to abolish the IRS, the EPA, HUD, HHS, the department of Education, and every other non-essential federal organism. This will be painful and it will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs; but at least we’ll be free and we can return to the business of doing business, and creating productive jobs. Our education system needs to be privatized and returned to the business of creating men and women capable of contributing to our economy and of surviving in nature.

  6. We have to stop putting up with pro-government politicians. We need to replace them, whenever and wherever we can. We’ve already started this process and must merely continue.

  7. We need to become an American People intolerant of their government, their representatives, and their bureaucrats, every single time they infringe upon our liberty, threaten our wealth, threaten us with debt, or attempt to put the needs of the federal government above the rights of the American Citizen.

In other words, simply this: If we are willing to sacrifice our liberty for a little security, we deserve neither. I’m certain you’ve heard that before and in a dozen different ways. When we look for someone to blame, we need look no further than ourselves. For we are the ones who have compromised, a little here and there, but enough to erase our liberty, our self-reliance, and our sovereignty as citizens. It is time to just say no to our governments. They keep telling us that we must sacrifice more and more of our wealth and our sovereignty for the stability of the system they created. I disagree. It is time for the government to sacrifice itself for the good of its’ citizens, our future, and our freedom.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

6 Responses to “We Are Beyond the Point of No Return: Let’s Act Like It”

  1. Sue Long

    Love your comments. And I susggest a good way to accocmcplish what you suggest is to join the John Birch Society which has a plan of aciton and years of experience and successes. Go to for details.

  2. Robert Shannon

    Steve, if only brother we could clone you. The central question is when will it become bad enough for a majority of Americans in order for them to recognize the truth you speak ? The hypocrisy needs exposed at every turn.

    The Senior who would allow his/her prescriptions to be paid for by his grandchildren, so he can keep his 2nd home or Winnebago , the conservative who wants welfare ended but thinks his $65,000 farm subsidy isn’t welfare, the individual who conceals their true income so they may qualify for food stamps, housing assistance or free lunches for their kids, the individuals who feign disability because they don’t want to work or don’t want to work at the jobs available, the parents and students who rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student loans they then refuse to pay back, the elected officials who add even 1 more needless public sector employee, it goes on and on and on.

    Congress was ultimately lost , in my opinion in 2004 when they passed Medicare Part D. Everyone knew how unsustainable Medicare already was , to add a trillion dollars ( over the first 10 years ) to a program so horribly underfunded was the final straw for me. I instinctively knew at that moment the probability of turning this around, absent a horrific economic calamity was not going to happen. Prescription costs had escalated precisely because of all of the government money already flowing to the big drug companies. Their is no other way to explain why Lasik Eye surgery has dropped from $15,000 to around $500 in 15 years but free market competition.

    Alinsky laid out specific instructions on how to overload the system, and for the most part his instructions have been carried out and facilitated by members of both political party.

    The will to fight isn’t there, at least as far as how you or I would define fighting. These puss boots “leaders” of many of these Patriot groups are clueless as to what needs done. They meander along organizing the “choir” failing to recognize they spend all of their time and energy chasing the wrong goal. Going after the elected officials is key to making any real progress, yet they shy away from taking the fight to them.

    I read the tail end of one of the hundreds of silly e-mails that make their rounds daily and I could not believe the “tag” at the end of the e-mail. The author was anonymous, and the following quote was attached. ” Some agree with these tactics and others do not” It was a reference to a flyer depicting Erin Brocoivch and State Senator Tommy Norment, relating to the latest sludge legislation. Here is a politician who may be allowing the poisoning of peoples drinking water —-and some don’t approve of the “tactics” Unbelievable

    Bob Shannon

  3. David Jackson

    The points you bring up are not new. I could list dozens more things we need to do and I’m certain others could do the same. But just how will that be accomplished? Educate the citizenry? The evidence is everywhere. Who needs to be educated. Those who are not informed will remain so or until the their doors are being knocked down. Then what will they do. They will roll over and except what is handed to them.
    When a plan is designed then let me know. At present your words are just words.
    David Jackson

    • Steven Tucker

      David, everyone still speaks in terms of Republican versus Democrat. My points were designed to demonstrate that neither party will support anything that needs to get done. We’re beyond the point of no return. There is no recovering from this. So, those of us who understand need to be principled and intolerant, and continue to tell the true story about America’s decline. I’m not trying to inspire hope, but to encourage people to fight – just don’t fight for an R or a D or an L. Fight for causes and candidates who fight for your freedom.

  4. David Jackson

    We are currently being ruled by a crime syndicate. One of the families names begins with a D and the other a R. Both trying to control the nations money. Guess what,there isn’t any money and gradually everyone will realize our monetary system is running on debt and it won’t go on much longer. When our current ruling class is defeated then we can bring in our many ideas.

  5. Fanny says:

    I agree with your POV, but it’s no surprise considering the undeniable fact that the american economy is running on debt. Just to point it out- there hasn’t been such a sip in the price of lasiks as you pointed out. Quality lasik surgeries still cost a ton. 500$ lasiks are not the norm. I had lasik done at a lasik surgery centre in Hamilton by the name of See by Intravision (, and I had to shell out a couple thousand bucks for it. Quality lasiks cost quality money.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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