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What is the Republican Party? And What is Our Place in that Party?

Donald Trump and Third Parties are not viable embryoes for growing or effecting serious political change. Constitutional conservatives and libertarians are trapped within the Republican Party and, perhaps, the error in our thinking is that the Republican Party is our party and that it has some obligation to represent us in Congress.

Dave_Brat_official_congressional_photoIf we take a serious and objective look at the Republican Party, we can see quite clearly that the party is comprised of several specific groups. There are the Corporatists, who have utilized a close relationship between Corporate America and Washington D.C. to amass political power within both State and Federal governments. Their primary concern appears to be securing corporate welfare, writing advantageous tax codes specifically designed to benefit particular corporations and industries, ensuring low levels of start-ups and potential competition, providing a cheap foreign labor base, and ensuring that their specific partners within the private sector recieve enormous special access to all public contracts. This wing of the Republican Party, unsurprisingly, has the most money and power, and does not shy away from throwing its weight around Washington D.C. and all fifty of our State capitals. The Corporatists are probably the second smallest minority within the Republican Party, but due to the nature of their programs, they are certainly the most powerful.

Then there are the “moderates”. The moderates are Republicans who abhor social or religious issues entering into politics. They hold rather conservative views, but feel that religious or social views, generally, do not have a place in national or state politics. Their primary interests are cheap gas prices, low cost of livings, affordable housing, continued access to social security and medicaid, affordable prescription drugs, well paved roads, housing and highway development, low interest rates, and, despite their openness toward immigrants, they would prefer a national immigration policy which prioritizes natural born citizens over cheap immigrant labor. Moderates tend to support Corporatist politicians because of their political pull within the business community and their committment to opposing austerity measures with regard to entitlement reform. Moderates are probably the second largest group within the Republican Party.

The largest group, commonly referred to as “the base”, are Christian Conservatives. They adamently oppose abortion, illegal immigration, any and all federal laws and regulations which seem to remove their Christian heritage from the public square, bureaucratic meddling with their businesses, property, and personal lives. They support low taxes, spending, and regulation, strict immigration laws, prohibitions on prostitution and drug use, and a small, limited federal government. They are Federalists, meaning that they support primary political power in the hands of the States and are staunch advocates for “States’ Rights”. They are suspicious and distrustful of foreign economics and religions being institutionalized in their communities and governments, and prefer assimiliation into American Culture, as opposed to federally mandated integration of foreign cultures into our own public space. They believe in a strong, powerful military, and the concept of “peace through strength”.

Then there are the Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians who have risen up out of a myriad number of constituency groups. These are your political junkies, who oppose all forms of corporate and political corruption. They believe in a strict adherance to the original intent of the United States Constitution, immediate reduction in taxes and regulations, serious entitlement reform and balanced budgets, tax reform, the elimination of most federal departments and agencies, and they seek to undermine the root causes of political corruption (primarily the United States Tax Code, Corporate Welfare, and Bureaucratic waste, fraud, and abuse). These are the folks who show up at TEA Party meetings, attend School Board and Board of Supervisor meetings, and who wage an unrelenting war against the Corporatists and Moderates. They make up less than a tenth of the Republican Population, but have energinzed “the base” with their commitment to fighting on principle and their abhorance of all forms of political corruption. It is the existence of this group of Republicans which has robbed the Corporatists and Moderates of the universal support of “the base”.

The Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians, however, despite energizing the base and returning the Republican Party to power, have almost nothing, legislatively speaking, to show for all their hard work. This begs the question, “Why are we pouring so much time, energy, and money into the Republican Party if we are having absolutely no effect on promoting our legislative agenda?”

The media smears against the “crazies” and “teabaggers” and Republican “right” have pretty much lost us any hope of winning over the moderates. Our real target must remain the Republican Base, that is, Christian Conservatives. Reaching out to them and educating them and engaging them will be necessary for our eventual success. In the meantime, we need to make sure that we are treating those elected representatives, who actually do support our legislative agenda, as unmigated priorities. Only those Republicans should we donate to, campaign for, or vote for in general elections and primaries. I have compiled a list of Republicans who I believe deserve the support of Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians. I will publish their names below.

The reason for the breakdown of the party is simply to communicate this: The Republican Party is represented by Corporatists, supported by Moderates, and elected by “the base”. All our attention should be focused on helping “the base” to become Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians.

Here is a list of candidates that I believe we Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians can support:

In the Senate: Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Tim Scott.

In the House: Ron DeSantis (Florida), Matt Salmon (Arizona), Trent Franks (Arizona), Scott Garrett (New Jersey), Tom McClintock (California), Dave Brat (Virginia), Gary Palmer (Alabama), Jim Bridenstine (Oklahoma), Mark Meadows (North Carolina), Tim Huelskamp (Kansas), Curt Clawson (Florida), David Schweikert (Arizona), Jeff Duncon (South Carolina), Justin Amash (Michigan), Raul Labrabor (Idaho), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Thomas Massie (Kentucky), Jim Jordan (Ohio), David Schweikert (Arizona), and Mick Mulvaney (South Carolina).

These Represenatives deserve our financial contributions (if we can afford to do so), our time and energy, our door knocking, and our vocal support. These are the men (oddly, no women) in Congress who are actually fighting for a Conservative and Libertarian Constitutionalist agenda. They are a tiny minority in our United States Congress and we should do everything in our power to protect them. These are the candidates that will be targeted by the Republican Leadership in future primaries. Let us recognize our place in the Republican Party and let us understand who we must support and who we must defeat in order to achieve our legislative agenda in Washington DC. If their name is not on this list, then that politician is not a reliable ally in support of a Constitutional conservative and libertarian agenda. They should not be contributed to or voted for by anyone in our national caucus.

I believe if we begin thinking of the battle this way, that we will have a steadier and clearer view of our position and power, now and in the future. We’ve got to stop looking at the Republican Party as an alternative to the Democrat Party, and begin looking to ourselves as the only long term solution. We have 24 politicians in the United States Congress that support our agenda. Let’s make damn sure we’re supporting them. It doesn’t matter if they are in our state or not. They are our only represenation in the United States Congress.





About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

6 Responses to “What is the Republican Party? And What is Our Place in that Party?”

  1. Tad Gates says:

    Excellent article. You explain with clarity for those Cantor Zombies and Bolling Buttheads and Fast Eddie Gillespie Gushers exactly why the Virginia GOP is dead.

    VA Republicans will never win another state wide or Federal election until those in leadership are run out of the party. The base will no longer support the very people like Barbara Comstock who ran as a Conservative and once in Washington voted like a liberal Democrat.

    Kudos to you, Mr. Tucker.

  2. Dan Rutter says:

    The latest SCAM alert for conservatives: The all encompassing term: “Grassroots.”

    The establishment GOP has bastardized the term “conservative” so that it no longer has meaning thanks to Barbara Comstock, Eric Cantor, Bill Bolling, Tom Garrett, Rob Whitman, Hurt, and Goodlatte.

    The new “in vogue” catch all term for RPV operatives seeking donations, volunteers, and votes is “the grassroots.”

    Beware and don’t be fooled.

    The establishment GOP and RPV are now mining the Grassroots lists of activists who tend to vote Republican: the Christian soldiers from the Family Foundation and christian alliances, the veterans, the NRA, the VCDL, and the Salt and Light crowd.

    When the Middle Resolution zealots ( Chamber of Commerce crowd) and other groups such as the Concerned Citizens for Veterans try to recruit you to work for them, RUN AWAY as fast as you can. They are data collectors for their RINO candidates. They are mining your data for their candidates.

    Naive Tea Party leaders and “Grassroots leaders” are being co-opted by the Republican Party of Virginia Establishment candidates.

    Look no further than Fred Grubers’ meeting Saturday at the Hanover Tavern for all the evidence you

  3. Paul Thiel says:

    Thank you Steven Brodie Tucker for your information and keep on keeping on! We can help Dave-I totally believe that “The Good Guys” ultimately win!

  4. Patriot says:

    Koch Brothers- Pro Amnesty Chamber of Commerce Cheap Labor advocates-

  5. Mark says:

    I would suggest that you left out one thing in you excellent annalist, that is for people to actually join their local GOP unit! They need to go to the meetings and get involved in what is happening, other wise nothing is going to change.

  6. Gene Lefty says:

    Nice job writing. Thanks


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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