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What Rebellion Looks Like…

Rebellion. Civil Disobedience. Revolution.

I keep hearing these words and phrases and cannot help but be interested by the sentiment. However, I do not see patriots and warriors calling for change, real change; I hear bloggers and writers and mouth pieces. I have heard similar sentiments from those with guns, people who hunt, fish, and work for a living; and Mark Levin.

It would make a great movie.

But let’s be honest with ourselves – I don’t see anyone rebelling. Texas is often held up as a proud, American State, unwilling to put up with tyranny. Texas takes money like the rest. I’m not buying it.

Rebellion, real rebellion, is war. It looks, sounds, feels, and tastes like war.

War is awful, hard, and bloody; and usually, tenacity isn’t enough.

rebellion-jewellery_111060If this federal government decides to embrace tyranny, tyranny is what we’ll have. It doesn’t matter how many movies we watch or how much Rage Against the Machine we listen to – power is the ability to do work and the federal government has almost all of the power. So, let’s drop these dreams of rebellion. Because what rebellion looks like is Death.

What we require is not rebellion or Hollywood fantasies of a Rising Generation. What we need are politicians and bureaucrats, public school teachers, journalists, and businessmen that can see further then their own bank accounts. Being angry never solved anything.

Hating your liberal schools won’t stop them from being liberal. You must invade them the way they invaded them. Change them the way they changed them.

Hating your Statist government won’t stop them from being Statist. You must invade it the way they invaded it. Change our government the way they changed our government.

If we don’t retake our political parties, school boards, and our state and federal representatives, then there is no hope.

Freedom looks an awful lot like chaos when there is no Social Contract to protect it.

Morality, philosophy, and engagement are necessary to protect liberty. You cannot rest upon your morality to save you. Christians and Jews have been wiped off the maps in certain countries and their morality and religion didn’t save them. They just died.

Conservatives are being targeted now. Americans are being targeted now.

Rhetoric won’t save you. Facebook posts won’t save you.

The government is organized.

Get organized.

Just saying.

The moral of the story is this: drop what you are doing – whatever it is that is so important to you. Take your schools, communities, states, and federal government back. At best, it will take 100 years. At worst, you’ll all be living in Barack Obama’s Brave New World 6 years from now. Our country is quickly embracing insanity. Ask yourselves, if you trust the people working on your school boards more than yourselves. Do you trust Rob Wittman? Do you trust Bob Goodlatte? Do you trust Rigell?

No? Then do something about it. The establishment Republican Party is about to come down on you with all its’ power, Virginia. Get ready. If you find someone who you think can win, you badger them until they run. You knock on doors until they win. You are not free. This is not a free country. If you don’t take over your governments, it’s over. Period.

Do not read this and say, “Yes!”. Do something. Anything. Everything.

If you don’t know what is going on in your governments, you are a subject. If your politicians and bureaucrats won’t tell you what’s going on in your governments, then you are a subject. Don’t be a subject. A successful rebellion requires hundreds of millions of people.

People follow examples.

Be an example.

We don’t have to be subjects. We can all be the sovereigns we were meant to be. Our government is organized and motivated. We have to be more motivated and more organized if we are to stand a chance. This is reality. I’m just saying. Do something. 2016 won’t save us. We have to save us. Violence and rhetoric in this country will be easily defeated. Don’t believe me? Turn on a TV. If you want to change the world and save it from the Statists, throw out your school boards and your county supervisors. Run against your delegates. Find qualified people – not just angry people. Run a Vince Haley against every Republican you can find. Lose. Win. Doesn’t matter. At this point – just fight.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “What Rebellion Looks Like…”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Starting my mornings reading something as worthy as Steve’s observations is about as good of a start to any day could be. Thank you Steve for your continued honest, ethical commentary.

    I would ask the readers to visit or google American Spectator July/August issue and print the 19 page article by Angelo Codeville titled ” The Ruling Class & the Peril of Revolution” It should be required reading for the folks who think electing more repulicrats will somehow save the day. Unfortunately because of the depth of my own involvement over the last 6 years in searching for remedies I have to sadly report the patriot movement has been and continues to be polluted with this mindset.

    Codeville classifies the citizenry today as belonging to one of two distinct classes, the ” ruling class” and the ” country class” Surprisingly many belong to the ruling class and don’t even recognize it. Both political parties make it up, anyone essentially wanting in todays America to advance, personally or professionally are wise to understand by subscribing to the ruling classes philosophy can one hope to enjoy success. Codeville goes on to calmly and rationally explain how the ruling class operates, what their goals are, the tools and methods they have and continue to use to advance their goals and the rather monumental task that lay in front of the “country class” ( defined as those that want government out of our lives)

    Revolution is in the future, when specifically one can not say. It is however apparent to those of us still capable of doing basic math, crystal clear that this economic system, a government hierarchy ( the ruling class )designed to retain it’s power base by giving out greater amounts of largesse’s to everyone who abides by the ruling classes rules will not last. They do this through entitlement programs, subsides and the tax code , at every level of government. Think Greece on steroids. It is just another example of American ignorance or arrogance, take your pick, to suggest that somehow America’s economic decline and subsequent social chaos can’t happen because “this is America”. Math is math, in whatever language and even when it crosses an ocean ,it is still math.

    To Steve’s point that ” opposition must get organized, a revolution can’t happen without collective support” is just something that can not , nor will not happen without leadership. At the moment that ( leadership ) is sorely lacking. The term “push back” is again yet another example of how the English language is so often abused and misconstrued. Push back , real push back must have something tangible , actionable in that it has consequential effect, it moves the proverbial rock. What opposition that exists, namely the patriot movement is void of this sorely needed quality, or at least in recognizing that truth.

    When these leaders are afraid of naming names, calling out public officials misdeeds, the crony capitalist evidence , which is overwhelming today, one hears Codevilles words that lend pessimism to the bleak future, at least in the near term.

    Revolution must come, it will come. The question is will it be brought about in civil peaceful manners, or a result of the social chaos that will come after some cataclysmic economic event unfolds ? My own sense is the latter because of this leadership void that exists, the vacuum and unwillingness to tackle this now head on, using what tools are available to us.

    Each revolution is filled with legends, villain’s, hero’s, traitors and cowards. Fear can drive a person to action, while inaction may lessen one’s fear of the unknown , but it does not remove the responsibility of those who understand the problem to act, and act decisively. Responsible leaders calmly evaluate any situation and then form a plan of action. Complaining about a problem isn’t a plan of action. Action requires vision and a sense of purpose, fueled by bold implementation of whatever action is decided on.

    Today we have only one actual group of vocal opposition, and that is the patriot movement. What we don’t have are leaders, and until that time comes those of us who understand what must be done painfully observe the continued decline. Perhaps , and hoping it occurs while their is still time left for a civil and peaceful remedy , the movement wakes up to the realization of what type of people make up the ruling class. They have no reservations about lying, using the courts, taking by force, or stripping their opponents of their property, their liberty, even going so far as taking one’s freedom of speech, if it suits their nefarious purposes.

    History provides a fairly recent example of leaders who were vilified by many, Churchill comes to mind. For a decade his dire warnings were ignored, he was ridiculed in the press, and among many of his countrymen. Fortunately in enough time people came around and recognized Churchill was right all along. Evil must be confronted and fought with vigor, not feint proclamations.

    In the meantime , we don’t have the courage to even put a message on a road side sign that is deemed by the weak kneed to be “critical’. At the moment my money is on the ruling class.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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