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What This Republican Primary is All About

If you would have asked me in April, what the top 5 issues of the Republican Primary would be, I’d have said, without blinking, “Obamacare, Spending, Debt, a sputtering economy, and ISIS”. I would have been wrong on all counts. The Republican Primary isn’t about any of those things. It’s about Donald Trump, The Donald, Trump, China, and illegal immigration.

I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t see this coming. The grassroots, having fought ferocious battles with the Republican Establishment for six long years, seemed primed for the fight of their lifetime. But who would be their standard-bearer? Would it be Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Scott Walker? Marco Rubio? Or would Bobby Jindal or Rick Perry improve upon their national popularity and unify the Republican Party? They all began positioning themselves to lead, tauting their records, their conservative bonafides. Ted Cruz kept reminding voters about the importance of a consistent record of Conservativism, and for the briefest of moments, conservatives were attentive.

Then, Donald Trump stepped out of an airplane and told illegal immigrants, the federal government, and the media to go screw themselves – and all hell broke loose. Conservatives, no longer interested in the long hard battle, lined up to throw fruit and garbage at all those elites that have always spat upon them from atop the towers of establishment hegemony. If only Rand Paul would have just come out and said, “Federal Government, Go F Yourself!”. He’d be leading in the polls. Conservatives would yell, “Somebody finally said it!”.

And I guess at the end of the day, that’s really where we are… ready to burn the whole damn thing to the ground. And why not? What’s left? As Mark Levin has said, it really doesn’t matter if we win one election. This is a century long battle staring us in the face and a century is a very long time. And sure, we’ve complained about all of Obama’s illegal executive orders, but what if, in the style of a South American Big Man, we elected a powerful American tycoon, to issue a couple illegal executive orders of his own and to use the depth and breadth of the Oval Office to lay waste to everything these corrupt Republicans and Democrats have built since FDR?

We don’t think Ted Cruz or Rand Paul can do it, but we think that Trump can. Why? Because he’s The Donald! He’s rich and powerful and he looks down on these lifetime politicians that he’s purchased for pennies on the dollar. See, we can trust Trump, because he knows how corrupt these establishment politicians really are. When Trump wants to take somebody’s land, he just buys the right politicians, and then, like magic, through eminent domain, the government just gives him the rights to the land and the plebes are shaken off. He knows how this system works! He can change it!

I don’t know folks. Maybe I’m reading this all wrong, but I don’t think Donald Trump is bread and circuses. I think he’s Caesar. I mean, Trump is killing everyone in the polls. He’s more popular with African Americans and Hispanics than almost any other Republican candidate. He probably could win if he sticks it out. I just don’t feel comfortable putting my liberty and my constitutional rights in his hands. My greatest fear is that under such a President, we would no longer be citizens, but employees; and yes, his employees love him, right up and to the point he squints his eyes, extends his finger, and says, “You’re Fired!”.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

3 Responses to “What This Republican Primary is All About”

  1. Robert Shannon

    For some time now it has been apparent that Americans are about as sick of the standard platitudes and slogans that have sufficed for 2 generations as sufficient substitutes for actual policy positions. Trump may at the moment be vague about specifics but who doubts the Donald shies away from making a decision ? He makes a decision when he has to, for now he is marketing himself as intelligently as I have ever watched someone on the national stage. And he is doing it without having to sell his soul to the same corrupt manipulative forces that typically own anyone and everyone on the national stage.

    In the event that anyone missed it just little over a year ago one of the most powerful members of Congress was sent packing by a man that was unknown outside of a small college campus in Ashland Virginia—-so why is anyone surprised by Trumps surging popularity ? Voters want someone to tell them the truth, hard of a pill as it may be to swallow. The nation is mired in debt , drowning in regulations few understand, slaves of a litigious society and economy being destroyed by trial lawyers and crony capitalism. Even low information voters are getting it.

    In a general election Trump is the only candidate that can pull together the old Reagan coalition of blue dog democrats, union workers who have watched the manufacturing base that provided so many of their jobs 30 years ago, the independents who are sick of both of the two party establishments, and the fools for candidates they ultimately nominate, nothing in their resumes but a lifelong snout buried in the public trough. People have had enough.

    While Trump may not ultimately succeed for a host of reasons it is the very audacity of him that voters are finding refreshing. I have observed and written that their is no difference anymore between the 2 parties establishments, with the exception at campaign time with the slogans and platitudes. After the election both parties are indistinguishable in how they actually govern. Even at the local level look at how Hanover has been run the last 4 years. Worse is the mouse voice of opposition . See any signs around Hanover with these clowns names on them ? See any specific tangible measures being undertaken to unseat them ?

    Mark Levin is correct, this isn’t about winning an election, it is about a struggle few understand and even fewer have the stomach for the fight.

    I rode home last Monday night after the “debate ” in Mechanicsville outwardly laughing to myself recalling the observation that electing Glenn Millican, putting a democrat of the Hanover BOS would ” push Angela Kelly-Wiecek …….to the right. You can’t make this stuff up. Peterson has to go, along with Hazzard, Wiecek and Davis if you want to wrest control away from the Developer clan that now runs Hanover. You do that by running them out of town on a rail, something it appears few in Hanover have the stomach for. The strategy of “electing democrats” to drive anyone further to the right ???

    I take small comfort in watching the moderates who are in charge of the “opposition” . Patrick Henry has to be quite disappointed in watching what has become of this pathetic Patriot movement. Current MTP Chair Rusty Ward in his closing remarks said this……..” Thank you for coming out tonight and allowing us to show you we are not a bunch of “radicals”. Just what does that mean ? Has this moderate temperament shown any sign of success at all, can these moderates point to one single example of progress in Hanover the last 2 years ? No, they can’t , and the sooner they wake up to realizing they need a little more “radical” , the better Hanover will be. When Hanover taxpayers get drowned with real estate tax increases that are coming soon, it won’t be the “radicals” holding the bag, but the go along to get along moderates that have no fight in them .

    Bob Shannon

  2. Mr Green Jeans

    Let me get this straight, the Donald knows where the “political bodies” are buried. He may well paid for the burial. Therefore , the Donald has the political hammer to nudge the professional pols to do is bidding. I know all the RINOs are jumping for joy at this thought.

  3. Trump supporter says:

    “All politics is local.” said Democratic Congressman Tip O’Neal. But the establishment Republican Party has forgotten that wisdom.

    For decades now, citizens have watched their schools and communities deteriorate due to illegal immigration. ESL resources have destroyed public education in big cities like Chicago, LA, Houston, Galveston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, etc.

    Locally, social services and law enforcement budgets have been bankrupted by illegals, raising local property taxes to pay for them. State Medicaid budgets are bankrupting states. Crime is through the roof.

    Hospitals on the border towns closed and doctors have left due to the high cost of medical malpractice due to illegal aliens. You can’t find an orthopedic surgeon or obstetrician within 400 miles of the border.

    People are running to Trump because he “gets their plight.” Finally. The GOP has lied to them and run away from this issue for so long, voters are now running into the arms of the one candidate who will finally do something to save their communities.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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