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What to do About Robert Sarvis

If Virginian conservatives, constitutionalists, and right-leaning libertarians vote for Ed Gillespie in November, then the debate over whether Virginia Republicans will vote for anyone with an (R) by their name will finally and decisively have been decided.

This is as simple as it gets, ladies and gentlemen. Ed Gillespie represents everything the TEA Party’s, the constitutionalists, and the responsible voters in the Republican Party have fought against since 2006, when we had finally had enough of President Bush’s big government “republicanism”. So if you are willing to vote for a lifelong lobbyist, friend and agent of Corporatists everywhere, and a campaign craftsmen of Mitt Romney’s disastrous failed attempt to defeat one of the most incompetent Presidents in our nations history, then there is no hope for this Republic.

If Ed Gillespie can convince TEA Party members to vote for him this Autumn, then the only thing I can imagine that could dishearten me more, would be if Virginia Republicans nominated and elected a liberal Democrat. At this point, nothing would surprise me.

For those of you who feel the way I do: for those who didn’t want to vote for a Bob McDonnell, or a Mitt Romney, or a John McCain – We do have a choice. We do not have to vote for Ed Gillespie. We can either stay at home or we can vote for Robert Sarvis.

Now, I know, there is a great deal of resentment directed toward Mr. Sarvis after Ken Cuccinelli lost his bid for Governor. I, and many others, have attempted to persuade you that Mr. Sarvis had nothing to do with Ken Cuccinelli’s loss, and that those who voted for Sarvis would not have voted at all, were a Libertarian not on the ballot. Now, many of you still aren’t convinced and I understand your frustration, but if there is blame to be assigned, assign it to those that voted for Mr. Sarvis and not to Mr. Sarvis himself.

I am a Libertarian, so there is nothing of note or importance in the fact that I will be voting for Robert Sarvis for Senate. However, as a Libertarian I have fought beside you to elect principled Constitutionalists like Dr. Dave Brat, supported Shak Hill for the Republican Nomination for Senate, have spoken at TEA Party’s to men and women who agree with me on the vast majority of issues. I suppose it helps that my brand of Libertarianism does not include an Isolationist foreign policy which strengthens our enemies overseas, nor support for the horror that is abortion in America. That said, I fought for your Republican candidates because it doesn’t matter what political party you belong to – it simply matters whether or not a candidate will go to Washington DC to preserve my constitutional rights and liberties!

I believe that Dr. Dave Brat will defend my rights and liberties. I believe that Robert Sarvis will defend my rights and liberties.

Do you really believe that Ed Gillespie is even the slightest bit concerned with the Constitutional Crisis facing America today? Do not forget that Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove started American Crossroads in 2010 for the purpose of destroying the TEA Party and the constitutional and liberty movements within the Republican Party. Do not forget that Ed Gillespie worked with George W. Bush and Mitt Romney and supports their Crony-Capitalist, Big Government, version of this new quasi-statist “republicanism”.

Is the United States Senate, placed in the hands of Mitch McConnell, who swore to “crush” the TEA Party, really that important, that you would vote for a man like Ed Gillespie, who will immediately become one of Mitch McConnell’s top lieutenants in the Senate?

If you support John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Bob Dole, Karl Rove, and the Bush Family, then by all means, go ahead and vote for Gillespie. He’s your guy.

If not, then what are you doing? You are telling the Republican Party… You are telling Karl Rove… You are telling the RNC that you will vote for anyone they put up against a Democrat in an election. If that’s true, then the Republican Party will continue to deteriorate around us. They might win an election here and there, whenever the Democrats make a mess of things, but they will never again be the Party of Reagan or the Party of Coolidge.

Robert Sarvis is a Libertarian, not a Republican, so I expect that there are a number of positions that Republicans will strongly disagree with Sarvis on; but not nearly so many, nor on issues as fundamentally important to the current state of the Republic as you must have with Ed Gillespie. Gillespie isn’t as close to the Republican center as Robert Sarvis. I know that sounds strange to many of you, but it’s true.

Did you like George W. Bush’s domestic agenda, which helped destroy our economy? Did you like George W. Bush’s Prescription Drug Bill or No Child Left Behind? Did you like it when President Bush pushed for Amnesty? Did you like it when President Bush empowered the NSA to spy on whoever they wanted to without any serious oversight?

What has the Libertarian Party done that has hurt this country 1 tenth of 100th of a percent as much as what these Establishment Republicans have done? Will you not at least look around and listen to what we have to say?

Leaders of our TEA Party’s, will you not invite Robert Sarvis to speak to your membership, to at least hear what he has to say?

By midnight on November 7th, I’ll have my answer about the future of the Republican Party in Virginia. You inspired me by running Eric Cantor out of office and nominating a truly excellent candidate in Dr. Dave Brat. I ask that you would continue to inspire me in November. Vote for Dave Brat and don’t vote for Ed Gillespie. Send a message to the RNC that we want more candidates like Dave Brat and that we are finished – completely, intolerantly, unadulteratedly finished with Establishment Republican Candidates in Virginia.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

23 Responses to “What to do About Robert Sarvis”

  1. Janine Woods

    He won’t win. You will be voting to keep Warner there and he will continue to support the Obama agenda. Then we won’t have to worry about any parties as ISIS will plant its flag on the White House.

    • Janine, so you want to send McCain and Graham another establishment republican? McCain and Graham wanted to ARM ISIS only a year ago, but we’re supposed to trust them with the defense of this nation?

      I do not understand why winning is worth sacrificing everything we care about and stand for. I do not understand why winning means so much to people every election. You keep nominating and electing these horrible Republicans and things keep getting worse and worse – in fact, what you have really given us with your John McCain’s and your Mitt Romney’s is Barack Obama. That’s what Ed Gillespie is – he is the reason why Mark Warner will win again.

      I tried to warn people not to vote for Gillespie in Roanoke. I told you that nominating Gillespie would ensure that Mark Warner wins. Sadly, the Republicans in Roanoke were too awed by Gillespie’s wallet and K-Street ties.

      When all is said and done, I should be noted that the conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians didn’t cost Virginia a Senate Seat. The Establishment and their supporters did. Stop running candidates that principled people can’t vote for and maybe the Republican Party will start winning elections again.

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    Great article!

    I just do not see where the Republicans have any newly electable candidates? As far as 2016, Romney is by far their strongest candidate in my opinion. The other wannabes all seem to have baggage.

    The biggest mistake this country could make is to let either party have control of all three branches of government. We’ve all seen what a disaster that was the last two times it happened. And just look at what happened in Virginia from 2010 to 2014 with Republican control? What is really funny is that some of you want more?

    The way this country is going, Canada may have to put up a fence along its border to keep us out?

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Romney represents everything I hate about the Republican Party. 😉 I’m assuming that’s what you like about him.

      • Janine Woods

        Not really

      • Gene Lefty says:

        I didn’t by any means want to imply that I would vote for Romney! I just said that I believed that he is still their best candidate by far. I feel the same way you do about him.

        My reply to Romney was to gladly vote for Pres. Obama. I do not regret it, not one bit.

        I will be voting for Republican Congressman Rob Wittman. I have not forgotten his no vote to the Bush bailouts. He is as good as it gets in DC these days. Vote for Rob Wittman!

  3. Bob Shannon

    Once again Steve Tuckers voice of logic and reason holds sway. Where is he wrong ? What is he missing ? What point that he makes is not relevant ?

    Many of these local TEA Party groups have been coopted by forces that quietly and skillfully maneuvered their operatives ( and stooges) into place to neuter any real difference these groups might have made. Sadly some of these folks are not smart enough to get out of their own way and were easy pickings , perhaps past explanations of folks who are republican party apologists. Just listen to what this Janine said ” Sarvis won’t win” ?? Is that what this is about, winning ? Republicans won in 2009 and controlled all of Virginia for 4 years–what did we win ? We ( the Patriot movement) gave them 80-82 new seats in the U.S. House in 2010–what did we “win”. Remember the promised 30 billion in FY 2011 spending. Did we get any of that Janine ?

    Real change won’t come so long as those of us who have vision, who know what needs done have to keep stepping over folks like this that are no longer serving any purpose in this Patriot movement , other than impediments. Get Libertarians on every ballot—-then you have some REAL LEVERAGE with republicrats.
    Bob Shannon

    • Janine Woods

      I thought that this might be a good opportunity for you libertarians to win me over, but instead you just jabbed me with your self righteous, snarky comments about how I’m not smart enough to do the right thing. I’ve actually considered going to the nearest Libertarian meeting to check it out, but now I feel that I will not be welcomed. So much for people who claim to be so open minded and tolerant of others.

      You cannot make change without actually being in office. Enjoy giving the election to another democrat.

      • Steven Brodie Tucker

        You’ll have to forgive us our passions. It’s easy to forget how hard it was for us to get here, how much it took for us to realize that the GOP just wasn’t going to change. The establishment doesn’t support our Constitutional Republic any longer. When you realize that, fully, we’ll be here, with open arms. In the mean time, we have to fight the Republicans, in order to take the party back, and save the Republic.

  4. Robert "Sarge" Bruce says:

    Steven — As he once did with you, Bob Shannon arranged for Sarvis to speak to the KW T.E.A. Party.

    At our Sept. 11th meeting, Sarvis was measured, thoughtful and unflinching in defending his positions. Mostly Constitutional but with the usual Libertarian squishyness on social issues.

    For me — and I hope for many others — the most compelling thing came in his concluding remarks, addressing criticism some have leveled against him as a “spoiler” in the previous campaign for Governor of Virginia that was decided by a very close margin, and this time in the US Senate race.

    He pointed to poll results over the last year showing Democrat Warner with a consistent and very substantial lead over Republican Gillespie.

    “This is the opportunity — when it’s not going to be close — for those who are very disappointed in the two party political establishments,” Sarvis said, “to cast a protest vote that sends a clear message: You can‘t take us for granted.”

    “What good will it do to send yet another Republican or Democrat back to the Senate?” he asked. “The only way to make a real difference this year is to vote against politics as usual. And I hope every Virginian has the opportunity to vote for a Libertarian for both the House and Senate.”

    And, Sarvis noted, if his Libertarian candidacy nets ten percent of the vote or better, that will remove some cynical roadblocks the two dominant parties have erected that keep third parties off the ballot in Virginia races.

    Now, to my way of thinking, if roughly equal numbers of disaffected Dems and Repubs vote for Sarvis as a principled protest, the essentially inevitable outcome of this election will be unchanged.

    But most importantly, the necessary message will be sent to both interchangable “donor class” parties.


    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Exactly. Gillespie can’t win. Voting for him, unless you really think he’ll represent your beliefs and values, is simply a wasted vote. It’s sad how many Republicans still support their leadership, even after two decades of doing things most Republicans disagree with.

  5. Bob Shannon


    Why is it when anyone speaks to the truth it is “snarky” It is about understanding conservatives will never gain any real leverage unless they are willing to first speak to the truth, and secondly have the guts to do whatever is necessary to gain said leverage.

    I notice you assert anyone supporting Sarvis is just giving the election to a democrat. No Janine, that isn’t the case at all. The republicrats did that with the nomination of such a sorry candidate all by themselves. It might warrant pointing out that you never addressed the two questions I asked about Republicans and ” what did we win” If winning is what this is about, perhaps you take up football or baseball. Too much is at stake to allow those who refuse to see what is right in front of them a free pass with this winning nonsense.

    Bob Shannon

  6. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Janine, the Republican Establishment blames us for everything, as you just did. Are we angry? Yep. Tolerant of the irresponsible politicians and their voters who are running the Republic? Nope.

    You’ll always be welcome in the fight for liberty, when you are ready. It doesn’t sound like you’re ready. Don’t vote Janine. If you won’t vote for Sarvis, that’s fine. He’s a libertarian and you’re a Republican. Granted he might not get your vote. But don’t vote for Gillespie. He can’t win anyway, so you’ll just be throwing your vote away.

  7. Reagan George says:

    Just wondering if this Sarvis Campaign for Senate is being financed by the multi-millionaire Democrat from Texas that financed his run for Governor of Virginia?

    • dcgo says:

      Learn the facts, you boob. Low-information voters like you, who believe everything you hear from the GOP shills in the conservative media, are just as bad as low-information voters who believe everything they hear from the liberal media.

      There was no wealthy Democrat funding Sarvis’s race. It was a smear put out the day before the election by Republican mouthpieces like Beck and Limbaugh. Sarvis was by far the biggest contributor to his own campaign last year and this year. That smear was debunked ten months ago, but here you are trotting it out, ready to vote a Bush administration stooge for Senate.

      You’re just as bad as Democrat voters!

      • Reagan George says:

        You are either a Democrat shill or a Libertarian Kool-Aid drinker.

        Try searching Google with the terms Sarvis Democrat Finance.

        What else are you in denial about?

        We can make life miserable for Mr. Obama if the Republicans take back the Senate. Just that alone should be worth your vote. But I understand, you had rather stand by your principles and throw your vote away along with other Libertarian crackpots without the hope of winning anything …ever.

        Or maybe you are in the camp that says the Libertarians will be waiting for us when the country collapses…great strategy.

  8. Bob Shannon

    Once again the ignorance is evident in the remarks alluding to the rich Texan who financed Sarvis. I questioned Mr. Sarvis about this and he pointed out that the person in question does indeed contribute to his efforts, as he does to candidates for both parties. If one examines campaign donor lists you would find how common a practice this is today, not at all out of the ordinary.

    This is another example of the rather blatant attempts to smear a very good man doing good work providing an alternative to the two corporate stooges representing the major parties. Folks still livid over last years loss by Cuccinelli would rather conveniently blame Sarvis than to honestly assess what was much more relevant reasons for the loss, starting with the terribly disappointing performance of Bob McDonnell, the 6 billion dollar tax increase Cuccinelli’s own ethical problems, and a convenient pass that some voters refused to give to a political party that today remains a twin of the two headed snake that growing numbers refuse to ignore. Winning ???? Maybe Mr. George can set aside the smears and labor to define what we ” won” in 2009. Any progress on Medicaid Reform, Education Reform, Tax Code reform, Illegal Immigration ??? Maybe Mr. George can explain to us dunderheads what happened when we gave the U.S. House 80-82 new seats and were promised all of those FY 2011 spending cuts that never materialized . What role did Rob Sarvis have in any of that Mr. republican party apologist George ?

    If that is all you got, as they say down South ” Stay on the porch”

    Bob Shannon

  9. Johnna Calhoun says:

    If you want Principle over Politics, I’d encourage you to write in the honorable SHAK HILL.

  10. Harry says:

    Is it true that Sarvis was heavily funded in his last race by a top Obama bundler?

    What about his love for miles driven taxes which I suppose would have some sort of govt mandated accountability to ensure that a person paid for every mile they drove. Libertarian- hardly- he may want pot legalized but why is for higher taxes


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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