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Several blogs ago, I posted this hopeful comment from former Ron Paul staffer Eric Dondero (not to me but to Wes Messamore, the Humble Libertarian) in re the burning question of the hour:  Is RP a racist?

Dondero said categorically NO:

I worked for the guy for 12 years as his personal assistant/travel aide. I can honestly say I never heard a racist word come out of his mouth in that entire time.

There were only two instances in that entire time that could be categorized as possibly “homophobic.” But that’s it.

Paul is in no way an Anti-Semite as many charge. He has no problem with Jews in the United States. He is however, passionately opposed to Israel, and wishes the State would not even exist. He sees it as a burden on the US taxpayer and too much of a hassle for our foreign policy.

Now, we have a story in RightWingNews in re Ron Paul and it is vastly different – or so it is reported:

He (Paul) is however, most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general. He wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all. He expressed this to me numerous times in our private conversations. His view is that Israel is more trouble than it is worth, specifically to the America taxpayer. He sides with the Palestinians, and supports their calls for the abolishment of the Jewish state, and the return of Israel, all of it, to the Arabs.

And this:

Ron Paul is most assuredly an isolationist. He denies this charge vociferously. But I can tell you straight out, I had countless arguments/discussions with him over his personal views. For example, he strenuously does not believe the United States had any business getting involved in fighting Hitler in WWII. He expressed to me countless times, that “saving the Jews,” was absolutely none of our business. When pressed, he often times brings up conspiracy theories like FDR knew about the attacks of Pearl Harbor weeks before hand, or that WWII was just “blowback,” for Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy errors, and such.


Ron Paul was opposed to the War in Afghanistan, and to any military reaction to the attacks of 9/11.

He did not want to vote for the resolution. He immediately stated to us staffers, me in particular, that Bush/Cheney were going to use the attacks as a precursor for “invading” Iraq. He engaged in conspiracy theories including perhaps the attacks were coordinated with the CIA, and that the Bush administration might have known about the attacks ahead of time. He expressed no sympathies whatsoever for those who died on 9/11, and pretty much forbade us staffers from engaging in any sort of memorial expressions, or openly asserting pro-military statements in support of the Bush administration.

Of course, I have no way of knowing if any of the 9/11 stuff is true but I can imagine that (especially after the unnecessarily hasty passage of the Patriot Act or the formation of the Homeland Security department) many had private concerns about the truth about 9/11.  (I am by the way categorically not a 9/11 truther – terrorists from the Middle East did it.)  Libertarians had to be somewhat conflicted.  But Paul has never suggested 9/11 was an inside job.  He told former NY Mayor Rudolph Giuliani quite the contrary in 2007.  I think the fact Paul voted yes on Afghanistan shows that he is subject to persuasion.

In spite of the so-called “glee” remark Paul made (the glee was NOT at the tragedy of 9/11 but the prospect that Iraq would be subject to attack!) there is no evidence Ron Paul is a 9/11 truther.  Those who have peddled such insinuations need to ask Cong. Paul’s forgiveness. That includes one I admire very much:  Bill Bennett.  He who talks virtue must practice it and that means Bennett must apologize. Here it is:

Look, there is no foreign policy. There’s no commander-in-chief because his notion of foreign policy is impossible. There’s also other stuff, conspiracy theories about 9/11 and so on. (emphasis added)

As far as Dondero is concerned:  Ron Paul is not a racist.  But he also has these anti-Jewish quirks and is a staunch isolationist.  But as Machiavelli once said:  Never trust those who are exiles from another nation.  They have an axe to grind.  So does Dondero.  He needs more corroboration than his own word.  Besides, he is all over the map.  So which one is it?  Racist or not?

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. ron paul will win says:

    Eric Dondero you're a f***ing dick you piece of sht. you talk like a drug dealer!

  2. Sandy Sanders says:

    Thanks for coming and supporting RP but that language will not win people for the cause.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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