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Why I Endorse the Fair Tax (H.R. 25)

The Fair Tax tax reform bill, in its current form (H.R. 25), is an attempt to introduce to the American Citizen a never before experienced freedom from government control in their lives. Every year the House of Representatives puts forth some version of the Fair Tax and every year it is defeated. Nevertheless, the Fair Tax remains the most important idea in American politics.

ftWhat is the Fair Tax? The Fair Tax is tax reform which would immediately repeal all income, payroll, estate, and gift tax laws currently burdening the American Tax Payer and amending a further 66 sections of current US Law. The premise behind these repeals is that you, as the worker and the producer of value through your professions, shall be entitled to 100% of the wealth you earn. With the death of the income and payroll taxes, we shall also see the death of all deductions and loopholes arbitrarily written into our laws in favor of one group or another, usually in support of powerful special interests and industries. In one simple stroke, we will have removed a major source of political corruption in Washington D.C..

However, without addressing our budgets, many are left to wonder how, without income and payroll taxes, we will pay for our gargantuan, bloated federal establishment, and the most expensive military in the world. Taxes will be raised through a federal 23% sales tax on the purchase of property or services. This is a sales tax that would be in addition to your State’s sales taxes. Tennessee, for example, as of 2014, had the highest State Sales tax of 9.45%. In Tennessee, any goods or service would therefore be hit with a 32.45% Sales Tax. A $100,000 house would therefore cost $132,450, plus all other banking and settlement fees. A $5,000,000 McMansion would cost $6,6220,500. A $7 combo at McDonalds would cost $9.27.

This increase to everything we buy seems frightening to many Americans, primarily because over 50% of Americans in the United States, after all their deductions and refunds, do not pay any federal income taxes whatsoever. However, these Americans are offering the government annual interest-free loans and even they are not in control of 100% of their earnings. Furthermore, they are still paying payroll taxes that are not refunded.

The Fair Tax is not about reducing taxes. Primarily, the Fair Tax accomplished 3 specific advantages instantly. First, it eliminates the corruption swirling around the arbitrary tax code, often benefiting the wealthiest Americans who can afford to hire tax attorney’s capable of working the system. Second, it puts each American Citizen in complete control of 100% of their income. You are only taxed when you decide to spend. Third, it forces the government to budget its spending upon the same conditions facing the American Citizen funding that government.

There are two worthwhile complaints I’ve heard from the Fair Tax opposition. The first complaint is that this bill only places the Fair Tax into effect for a period of 7 years, after which, if the 16th Amendment is not repealed, simply goes away, and we return back to the corrupt system we have today. The second complaint comes from the denizens of Keynesian Economics, who believe that the governments’ ability to overspend in times of economic austerity has successfully prevented Americans from having to deal with the consequences of economic Recession and Depression.

After reading several excellent articles on this last objection and attempting to form a response, I realized that the correct response to this objection can be summed up in two parts. The combination of these two parts requires only 28 digits. The current US National Debt $18,190,768,834,986. Total Debt stands at $61,510,685,632,419.

So I query, how is amassing such devastating levels of federal debt really a solution to the ebb and flow of both natural and artificial (government-caused) recessions and depressions? Are the Keynesian Republicans really arguing that overspending in times of economic austerity is a good thing, when these debt numbers are the inevitable and actual result?

No, the Keynesian Economists have been wrong from the start and federal spending in times of trouble hasn’t saved our nation from anything. Those eventual and inevitable recessions are looming over our heads to this day! Our elderly politicians are simply praying that they’ll die before economic tragedy strikes.

Furthermore, if 23% of everything spent on goods and services isn’t enough to cover all our federal costs, then maybe the problem is that the federal government is too big in the first place. No?

Therefore, I recommend this: Pass HR 25, Repeal the 16th Amendment, and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. The federal government must, no differently than its’ citizens, control and budget its’ spending in proportion to its actual income. The Fair Tax is just the first step. Reducing the cost of our government is another battle that we’ll have to fight for the next 100 years! In the meantime, we can try to reduce this 23% to something more exciting to the freedom-minded American Citizen.

Finally, I don’t like the 7 year sunset clause, but it’s in the bill and there is nothing I can do about that. The most important thing for us to do is to get our feet in the door.

I would like to thank Congressman Rob Wittman for his Co-Sponsorship of HR 25. I would like to thank Congressman Scott Rigell for his Co-Sponsorship of HR 25. I would also like to thank Congressman Dave Brat for his efforts at supporting this legislation. I would only ask that, in addition to Co-Sponsorship of this excellent legislation, that Congressman Wittman and Congressman Rigell would publicly fight for its success! We’re behind you. If you fight this battle, we’ll have your back.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

12 Responses to “Why I Endorse the Fair Tax (H.R. 25)”

  1. Mark Curran says:

    Dont get mad at me for this — I didn’t fool you.

    Have some cojones, however, and after I tell you the fine print you missed, and verify what Im telling you — get mad at those who fooled you. Cause they did.

    You think you know Fairtax? You gave no indication that you do.Oh, you have every talking point, every slogan, every piece of spittle and half truth. You just don’t know the Fairtax fine print, and math.

    They got you so pumped up — even you, a philosophy major, and some understanding of economics — so fooled, it’s hilarious.

    Let’s see who well you understand Fairtax.

    First — assume pension, wages, capital investment and operational expenditures for Richmond VA to be 200 million dollars. Do you know what Richmond VA City council would owe as a tax to the fed government?

    Do you think zero? You are wrong. Do you think 46 million?

    That is correct.

    There is a 23% tax on all non-educational “expenditures” of every city county and state in the US.

    Do you know the amount Hanover County would owe? They too are taxed 23% on all expenditures, other than educational. Assume their expenditures are 300 million.

    Do you know how much they would have to “remit” per Fairtax fine print?

    Zero? WRong.

    69 million? You would be right.

    This is not in dispute, by the way, Fairtax math very much depends on it. President Bush Tax Advisory Panel exposed this stunning part of Fairtax years ago.

    But you know that right? You being so smart and all. YOu read that report. You had all this awareness and endorsed Fairtax anyway.

    Now, do you know how many billion – — yes billion — the State of VA would owe? They too are taxed 23% on all expenditures, other than education expenditures.

    Assume 10 billion dollars of such expenditures.

    Zero? VA would owe zero?

    Actually VA would owe 2.3 Billion.

    Oh and by the way, Mr. Econ and Mr. Philosophy — all capital expenditures are taxed how in Fairtax? Assume VA built a new prison, a series of libraries, whatever. Assume that expenditure is 200 million. How do they have to pay that expenditure tax?

    They have to pay it — IN ADVANCE. Before they do the expenditure.

    Oh you didn’t see that? Surprise surprise. Wasn’t in the literature you saw, was it?

    Neal Boortz forgot to mention this?

    Here is my stunned look.

    Fairtax fine print is hilarious, they must have been laughing at some parts, just like they had to be laughing at guys like you who might have operated their “calculators” called “Dare to Compare”. I bet if you saw those calculators, you would be sooooo impressed, and just miss the part that they did not allow you to put in any informatoin whatsoever that mattered. They actually prevent you for entering ANYTHING about your taxable consumption.

    But you are a George Mason grad, right? Can’t fool you. No sir.

    Well they sure as hell did you fool you.

    REad the fine print — shame on you for not noticing the fine print yourself.

    But you bought the slogans, just like I did. You thought they were all true, and based on their actual legislation, didn’t you.

    Well I did too, but silly me, I looked at the fine print and asked questions.

    Questions I asked — where in the legislation do they mention these taxes on city county and states? I wanted to see it. Wow.

    Fairtax hustler are too smart to put anything clear in one place — but it’s all there, a few words here, a few assumptions there, a big tax base trick in the middle.

    Being George Mason and all, you know what a tax base is, right? It’s what a tax proposal would tax, or what a present tax system, actually taxes.

    So you know all about that tax base, don’t you. Sure you do!

    Funny, the more sure folks are about Fairtax, the more blissfully unaware they are of what Fairtax actually has in their own tax base documents.

    Yes, their tax base documents are cleverly written, but they are there, you can find it. YOu can read it.

    If Fairtax were a simple retail sales tax, then retail sales would be their tax base.

    But in the tax base are those massive operational expenditures I told you about above.

    In that tax base are the cost of running, and operating, and paying wages and pensions for, all Virginia state county and city endeavors, from police, to firemen, to libraries, to street crews, to prisons. All of those “expenditures” are in the tax base.

    Oh, and they were the entire time.

    If you were so easily fooled — imagine what other people were?

    Im kinda proud to say I was only fooled for about a week, until I saw the fine print, and used their calculator.

    Now, go check all this out. And see if you are like the other Fairtax suckers –probably you remain a sucker, and very doubtful you get mad at Neal Boortz, FOX SPEWS, and the various hate radio folks who push this great sounding fraud.

    WE need a new tax code — we need to throw our tax code out completely, do not keep a period, a sentence. It’s all infected with BS.

    But as long as folks like you are so easy bamboozled by your cult daddy, and not only don’t know what you are talking about, but push the fraud, we won’t get a decent tax code. Or a new one.

    Get a new cult daddy. Learn who lied to you.

    I want to see how you handle the information about these massive other taxes- far larger than the retail sales taxes they tell you about.

    And I have omitted the other massive taxes on Medicare and Medicare patients, like the parents of a child with leukemia could easily owe 30,000 dollars extra in fed taxes, because they fought for their child’s life, by getting them health care. All health care is “in the tax base”, just like all city county and state expenditures are “in the tax base”.

    If you still think they have a very simple personal retail sales tax, and it’s been researched by 22 million dollars worth of “independent” research, you are a perfect Fairtax sucker.

    An intellectually honest person, who found out they were lied to so flagrantly, would try to correct their mistake, and go tell anyone the previously told, about how they were fooled.

    Let’s see if you do anything like that. And let’s see if you get a new cult daddy, or if you stay a sucker for hustlers and self confident hustlers.

    They wont let me put a url here, I guess, so google Fairtax goofy fraud, I’ve expose them, and put up some of the actual fine print tricks they used, in their own documents.

  2. Steven Brodie Tucker

    There are all kinds of plans sir, I’m only talking about HR25. Read it. 25000 words

    • Mark Curran says:

      Steven — OOH I see how you got this stupid.

      HR25 is all there is to it?

      Actually Steven, they have the 22 million in “research”

      What I told you above is absolutely correct. HR25 is the one connected to all this double speak,. I show you — I laid id out — in HR25 too, and in their research, what they claim is research.

      No Steven — there are not “all kinds of plans out there” The HR 25 plan, the Fairtax, is exactly what I refer to. Not sorta, not kinda. This is the one Boortz pushed, Mike Huckabee pushed, Pence pushed, FOX SPEWS pushed. This is the same one. HR25.

      So someone actually lays all this out there for you — and your reaction is WHAT?

      See Stephen, Im not sure if you are a troll or not. But check out the fine print yourself.

      You never did. You don’t grasp even what Fine print I am referring to. If so, maybe that’s my fault. So I show it

  3. Mark Curran says:

    By the way

    By the way – Flat tax is the same kind of fraud as Fairtax, only flat tax has no actual fine print, they ONLY have slogans.

    Fairtax has actual find print, so I can, and did, show the fine print about the massive other taxes, impossible other taxes, that were cleverly inserted a few words here, a few words there. Fairtax relied on hose massive other taxes — over 2 trillion dollars out of 3.5 trillion. But at least you can find the artful fine print trickery.

    Flat tax has ONLY slogans. But here is their fraud — they would not tax most income of guys like Romney, the Koch brothers, etc. They just wisely pretend that is not income. It’s not income they apply the flat tax to.

    Yes, the income they DO tax, they tax in a flat way. But they don’t tax trillions of dollars of income, they just pretend it’s not income.

    None other than Romney pointed this out, though not in terms I show above. The vast majority of his income is not income from his work or his business, but rather, from credit swaps, leverage buy outs, short selling stocks he knows will go down (because he is pushing them down), that kind of income.

    That kind of income is ALREADY taxed very very low, if at all. But the flat tax wants that tax to be zero, instead of 5% or 10%.

    Honestly, they can not further push those tax rates lower, and keep a straight face.

    So CATO and others just say let’s do a FLAT TAX, then give a razzle dazzle we know you are an idiot speech or written article, and call it FLAT.

    Of course, it’s as flat as pikes peak, as flat as Dolly Parton before breast reduction surgery, flat as Washington monument.

    But there is no law against calling it flat.

    Just like there is no against called Fairtax “rational” or based on God’s word or fair.

    But stupid people will always fall for that kind of stuff, and tea party suckers are especially prone to falling for their self confident cult daddies, never mind how often, or how cleverly, they distort things.

    I guess you just need cult daddys.

  4. Mark Curran says:

    I an talking about HR 25 too, genius.

    I even said so — HR25.

    HR 25 — yes, Fairtax. Yes that one.
    Got that? The massive other taxes I wrote about above, with the massive hidden taxes, the “research ” — the one President Bush tax plan exposed — thats HR25.

    I even said, it’s HR25. I even said, their research by Beacon Hill.

    This is like talking to a fifth grader.

    Now, please read my comments again, about HR25 the so called Fairtax.

    And explain why you missed it. Why did you miss those fine print tricks?

    Any idea why you missed the fine print tricks in HR25?

  5. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Identify the section of the bill that does as you claim.

  6. Gene Lefty says:

    I could write a book on this, but won’t.

    You guys are many months behind on HR25.

    On of the biggest follies is that there would be 0% corporate income tax. Kinda makes one wonder who really wrote HR25?

    Anyhow, I could go on and on, and so could HR25, which is nothing but another Republican major tax increase bill.

    But HR25 was dead before it was even written. 23%? Nothing but comedy.

    Remember, government has no power without money to spend. To think that government will cut or pass anything that is a tax cut or neutral is just plain stupid.

    They ain’t giving up their control/power.

    Tucker, assuming that you really do have a legitimate college degree? You should be entitled to a full refund of tuition. You got robbed. You got nothing but a piece of paper. No education at all.

    Ask for your tuition money back. Your articles are all the proof anyone needs to see that you did not get any education what so ever!

  7. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Let me get this right Gene, HR 25 is a major tax increase that will deprive the government of money?

    • Gene Lefty says:

      No, HR 25 is a major tax increase to ensure that they have money to spend to increase their power. They are not going to decrease spending, as it decreases their power. What power does government have without spending your money?

      If everybody would be paying tax under HR 25, why then do they need a whopping 23%? If everybody is paying taxes under HR 25, why are they not paying less? How much tax do corporations pay under HR 25? 0%?

      Makes no difference. No major legislation is going anywhere. No way. Congress is closed until we get a new President in 2017.

      The focus should get on campaign finance reform, ($25 or $50 limits, no exceptions)and ending PAC’s. Why does it not? Because a corrupt society and corrupt corporations demand a corrupt government. Then the people want the courts to be the referee as to how much corruption is allowed.

      It is a mess. It’s all about the cabbage.

  8. Paula says:

    All you need to know about Lefty Gene is that he has a VERY big mouth and is in full support of fraudsters like www.

    Mr. Tucker, plz don’t let the personal attacks of leftist loons discourage you. You are right on so many issues & I’ve also seen u say many times that you don’t have all the answers or even A answer but you are doing the good work of initiating a dialogue & discussion.

    I love your work & know of hundreds of others that do as well. Hopefully u will run for office, and soon.


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