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Why the Richmond Times Dispatch is Still The Richmond Times Disgrace

I have mentioned this before. I stopped taking the Times Dispatch years ago because it is a left leaning rag that has become yet another media outlet controlled by the left.

And nowhere is this more obvious than on the Editorial Page.

Gone are the days when that page was filled with the voice of reason and logic. The Editorial Page at the Richmond Times Dispatch has devolved into the primordial ooze and this failing paper now truly deserves to be renamed the Richmond Times Disgrace.

And I have to say, I rarely feel the need to read or even pay attention to what these screeching lefties have to say. But sometimes, even these radicals need to be properly dressed down.

An Editorial in today’s Times Disgrace shows the complete lack of common sense and logic that once graced the Editorial pages. Titled “Today’s top opinion: Cantor’s chance”  the writer is obviously ignorant of the politics on the right. But he obviously is in complete sync and agreement with the left wing mentality.

The first blatant absurdity is the assumption that without a debt ceiling increase the United States will automatically default on the money we have borrowed. The writer completely ignores the fact that the decision to default or not would be completely up to Barack  Obama. Much like a typical American family that finds itself running short on money, there is still money coming in. An American family has the same type of option here that Obama does. They can either pay the mortgage or the cable bill. The obvious and logical choice would be to let the cable go and pay the more pressing bills. And perhaps cut back on some other unnecessary spending. But the Times Disgrace simply accepts the fact that Obama will pick the option to default – the worst possible outcome. And no doubt he will still fund Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” website instead.

“So that’s it. If I don’t get an increase in the limit on my credit card, I’m not paying the credit card bill” is what Obama is saying.

The RTD is completely partisan in this refusing to use the honest argument that default on the debt would only be done if Obama chooses to fund other government functions instead of servicing the debt. And where is the mention that Democrat Harry Reid has failed to submit a budget that would make Continuing Resolutions and possibly debt ceiling increases unnecessary? We are where we are because Senate Democrats failed to do their job.

So the editorial writer that is obviously beholden to the radical leftists of his party continues by writing that Eric Cantor  has been too beholden to the radical wing of the Republican caucus.

the writer obviously has a serious disconnect with political reality on the right. Eric Cantor is not beholden to the TEA Party Conservatives. In fact, he hates them and pushed against them every opportunity gets. Just look at his “Young Guns” record of Save the RINO’s.

And exactly why is it “radical” to insist that the country lives within our means? At some point we must stop spending more than we take in. Raising the debt ceiling is not the solution. It is only a temporary measure that exacerbates the problem and puts off the inevitable economic catastrophe that the editorial writer pretends to be trying to avoid.

The leadership’s sensible original plan would have averted the stalemate, but momentum fell to House members who equate compromise with unconditional surrender.

What exactly was the “compromise”? Oh. That’s right. completely acquiescing to the spending increase with no conditions or spending decreases. That type of logic is only sensible to flaming left wingers.

The writer begrudgingly admits that Republicans have a point about Obamacare, but he calls them the “dogs in the manger”. Seriously? How can anyone take an editorial seriously that uses such insulting remarks? This is simply childish.

The writer correctly states that Obamacare is “a legislative grotesquerie that expands government and distorts the health care market” but then writes “But in trying yet again to stop a law that already has gone into effect, they are pursuing a fool’s errand.”

This is a silly argument when you consider that the debt ceiling is the law of the land, too. The debt ceiling is a law that has already gone into effect. And in order to fund Obamacare we are going to have to change a law that is already a done deal.

To call Obamacare a legislative grotesquerie and then say we should just accept it because it passed? What a dolt!

And to again show that the editorial writer is no more intelligent than a petulant child he calls Michele Bachmann a buffoon saying “but she and her comrades have exerted considerable pressure on the leadership to go over the cliff with guns blazing. Without countervailing pressure to do the right thing, the leaders might — taking the whole country with them.

I have news for this writer. We have already gone off the cliff. This nation is in such debt and with over $123 trillion in unfunded liabilities already. Never mind the debt. We are so far down in the hole we will never recover.

And this writer sees the few lone voices of reason saying “stop the out of control spending” as the problem.

In the end, those of us that listen to “buffoons” like Bachmann will be proved right. The nation is already beyond sustainable debt. Spending is so out of control because the real buffoons – like the left wing ideologue that wrote the RTD Editorial – are too stupid to realize – or even stop to contemplate the enormity of the situation we are in. The economic catastrophe will not happen because we do not spend more.  It will happen because we did. And have done too many times.

And I am in 100% agreement with the last paragraph of this editorial:

The public need not sit idly by and watch such a catastrophe unfold. It can exert pressure by letting the leaders know this is their chance to put national interests before narrower partisan or personal ones. Residents of the commonwealth probably will want to address their concerns to the Virginian, Cantor, through one of these means.

Written message: form available at


Washington office phone: (202) 225-2815; fax: (202) 225-0011

Richmond office phone: (804) 747-4073; fax: (804) 747-5308

Culpeper office phone: (540) 825-8960; fax: (540) 825-8964

Twitter: @EricCantor, @GOPLeader

And when you reach Cantor, tell him that you are afraid that we have already run up too much debt and too much in unfunded liabilities. That $123 Trillion dollars is more than America can afford.

And that he should stop listening to twits like the one that wrote the Editorial in the Richmond Times Disgrace.

And while hiring the handicapped is a good thing, The RTD should reconsider it’s policy of hiring the Editorially Handicapped.

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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  1. Gene Lefty says:

    Tom, do you approve of my spelling of “unsubscribed”? Or, is it “radical” also? Thanks for the laughs!


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