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Winning Elections Without The Establishment

Your average Republican voter doesn’t like the Democrat Party or the Democrat ideals which fuel the party. Now that we’ve covered everything that Republicans have in common, let’s talk about actually winning elections and restoring the Republic.

Can the Republicans consistently win elections without Constitutionalists or Christian Conservatives? The answer is a categorical no. Therefore, a Republican Party that ignores the fact that the base, the center, of their party are folks who are socially conservative and believe in Constitutional Republican principles, is a Republican Party that will perpetually be at war with itself. The outliers of the Republican Party, primarily the Corporatists (The Establishment) and the Libertarians (The Anti-Establishment), must acknowledge the importance of the Constitutionalist and Christian Conservative. In truth, this Republican Party, is their party.

The real problem for your average Republican, for your Constitutionalist and Christian Conservative, is that they cannot win on their own. They need some kind of coalition to defeat all the Statist Banners which fly within the Democrat Party.

The Corporatists are a natural ally for Republicans, because they have money and power and influence. They are essentially nihilists when it comes to divisive political issues, since the Corporatist is solely concerned with their own wealth, power, and influence. Corporatists don’t seem dangerous. They are “pro-business” and most Republicans want a vibrant healthy economy. So for the last sixty years, we Libertarians have been ignored and lamented by the Constitutionalists and Christian Conservatives; dismissed for our crazy ideas about ending the drug war, legalizing euthanasia and prostitution, staying further away from unnecessary foreign entanglements, and so forth.

In fact, it has been the Corporatists within the Republican Party (the ones funding it anyway), which has pulled the Republican Party further and further left. The Corporatists need government in order to arrange economic systems beneficial for themselves. If the price they pay for their central planning is having to deal with the icky-sort of people who like centralized planning, so be it. The Corporatist feels that they’ll always have more money and power than the sort of bureaucrats which actually operate the system.

The Corporatists were wrong. The Constitutionalist and Christian-Conservative, having been carried, finally, to levels of Statism that they can no longer stand, are looking to move back to their roots. But how? How can the Republican Party, controlled and financed by Corporatists, abandon the Corporatists? I mean, you can’t win elections without money right? The Libertarians aren’t well financed. The Libertarians don’t have their fingers in the pies of power. How can the Libertarians help? What’s a Republican to do?

This is a battle that Constitutionalists and Christian Conservatives have to fight amongst themselves; a problem with solutions only the base of the Republican Party can solve. I’m biased anyway; but that won’t stop me from offering my unsolicited advice.

To win elections, the Republican Voters must abandon their Corporatist sponsors. I’ll never vote for a Bush or a Gillespie or a McDonnell. Neither will any other Libertarian-minded voter, and unlike the Corporatists, we’re increasing in number. No, to win elections, you need to run on actual public policies which will restore the Republic, restore individual liberty, restore state sovereignty, and protect our borders and national security. Ideals simply will not do.

Tell me, what are the five policy issues the current Republican Senatorial Candidates are running on?

I’ll give you a minute.

See, my point? Your candidates aren’t running on anything or for anything. They are place holders. Your opponents have to be really, really bad in order for voters to vote for someone with no principles or plans. This means that you will have to allow your candidates to take many positions on many policies, some of which you’ll disagree with, and still support the candidate overall. Your candidates are so frightened of what you’ll think about their policies that they don’t offer them, and this fear isn’t wholly irrational. The only thing that’s irrational is a candidate running for office without a set of clear principles and policies – why would you vote FOR someone who stands FOR nothing?

Believe me, Republicans, I’m rooting for you. I’m rooting for the Constitutionalist and Conservative, because I know you and I can coexist – but I’m not pulling for your Corporatist candidates, and neither should you.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “Winning Elections Without The Establishment”

  1. Bob Shannon

    Nothing like starting my morning with a hot cup of Joe and reading Steve Tucker. The caffeine stimulates my aging brain and Steve fills it up with good stuff. VaRights best find since their inception. If I may add a few observations to Steve’s brilliant summary think about this.

    Why is progress so stymied , it seems so very little is actually getting done, we grind on and on and on…..

    The Patriot movement, that “herd of cats” has no strategy. It drifts from this “hot” topic to the next “hot ” topic, as if talking about all of these hot topics serves a purpose. It is why I have labelled most of these groups today as pure social clubs with political musings each meeting serving as no more of a purpose than a reason they got together that week/month . A lot of topics are discussed but not much is actually achieved. I have discussed this at length in the past so no reason to beat the point as to why.

    Practical steps, addressing problems with solutions so progress, measurable tangible progress can be made is there for the taking with just a modicum of leadership and some coordination. If nothing else the Patriot movement has indeed gotten folks attention. Now comes the hard part–implementing action, and it always starts with a plan. Do you hear of a plan from any of these folks ? I’m not talking about the generic beaten and tired refrains

    ” we’re going to hold their feet to the fire”

    whatever in the hell that even means , no I am talking about anyone or any group that say’s : Let’s take just 1 issue, not 21 issues and coordinate across the State on that 1 issue and see what can be achieved.

    Last year when I tried to get my County to put paid fire/rescue on a ballot ( I oppose it ) I ran around messaging signs, writing letters to the local media, spoke with my local elected officials, only to learn that in Virginia Citizen led Referendums are extremely restricted, or our access to them. In my research on this I read that

    ” Virginia is one of the most restrictive states in the Nation in allowing citizens to put referendum initiatives on a ballot”

    I also learned that the 15 states that have term limits, ALL 15 WERE DONE BY CITIZEN REFERENDUM. The remaining 35 states term limits must be passed by their respective legislative bodies. Of the 35 requiring the legislative bodies to do this ,not even 1 has done so ” Hey Mr. Fox, now you watch over my chickens , ya hear !”

    One must start somewhere, and after an admission that our collective efforts haven’t accomplished much, besides raising awareness, may I suggest we start “somewhere”

    Citizen Referendums , will allow us to get the term limits and start rotating these ladder climbers out, and could be wonderful useful tools for a host of other local and state issues. Caps on real estate tax increases, property tax rate increases, caps on tying local spending to a formula, restrictions on what local government can and cannot do on private property rights etc etc.

    State Senator Tommy Norment told our audience a few months back that he opposed Referendum reform, citing some of the sillier referendums we hear about from time to time, and I will grant it can be abused and used for the wrong reasons. I replied to the good Senator that he was selectively using the ” exception to the rule” rather than the general benefit of greater access to Referendums, and I added I can’t think of how citizens could be any more idiotic than some of the things that have come out of the G.A the last 30 years.

    Politicians in Virginia want to deny our access, our own creative intelligent use of this tool for one reason only, it takes some of the control from them and puts in back into citizens hands, where our Founders thought it belonged.

    If I have to chose between the wisdom of our Founders and Tommy Norment….that only takes a few seconds.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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