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Watcher Council Nominations November 2, 2010

Well, the landslide brought me down
Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

The GOP majority of 1995-2007 never had more than 231 seats. Republicans are poised to coast past that tonight.

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” Four years ago Republicans controlled just 22 governorships. The fact that we’ve already reached a majority tonight is a testimony to the four-year plan our governors and staff developed and executed,” said RGA Chairman Haley Barbour. ” Any other committee would be happy securing the majority because it is a major accomplishment, but we are hoping for more because Republican governors are so important to the future of our Party, and more importantly, America.”

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The Daily Caller via Twitter

The House currently has 255 Democrats and 178 Republicans. The new reality will be a Republican majority of at at least 230, and a Democratic minority in the low 200’s, and possibly below 200.
The GOP House gains were the biggest swing for either party since 1948, when Democrats gained 75 seats on the back of President Truman’s campaign against a ” do-nothing” GOP Congress.

The last time such a large swing occurred in a midterm election was in 1938, when Democrats lost 72 seats to Republicans in the middle of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s second term, as voters lost confidence in the New Deal.

While there’s a landslide bringing President Obama down; the Watcher’s Council would like to introduce its newest member, Simply Jews. We also acknowledge that a lot of us predicted that Harry Reid would lose. That’s why we blog more frequently than we prognosticate.

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Non Council Submissions

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FrontPageMagBin Laden’s Iranian Protectors submitted by Right Truth
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YouTube/Team CrazyTalkWe Are The Ones: O RLY? submitted by Bookworm Room
FrontPageMag – Thomas SowellLegacy of Lies submitted by The Razor
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RedStatePretending The Union Money Doesn’t Exist submitted by Rhymes With Right
The Daily BailWhen The Big Banks Come Crawling Back, Screw ‘Em! Talking Points for the Anti-Bank Bailout Revolution submitted by The Glittering Eye
Contentions – Some Historical Perspective on Negative Campaigning submitted by The Watcher

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Watcher Council Nominations November 2, 2010

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