Watcher Council Nominations September 8, 2010

Council Submissions

Mere Rhetoric – TIME: “Israelis Too Busy Making Money And Partying On Stolen Arab Land To Make Peace”
VA Right – Distinguishing Good Regulation From Bad
Snapped Shot –Happy Al-Quds Day!
The Razor - The Jewish Bin Laden
Right Truth –  Burning the Koran (Quran)
The Colossus of Rhodey – Scare Tactics
Bookworm Room – I know a shallow intellect when I see it — or why Obama’s carpet and Jan Brewer’s brain freeze are two sides of the same coin
Rhymes With Right – More On The Quran Burning Controversy
The Glittering Eye – 4,000 Miles of Track
Joshuapundit – Lies, Islamic Apologists And A Synagogue In Lebanon
Wolf Howling – Politicizing Science at U.C. Berkeley

Non – Council Submissions

Frum Forum – Iraq in Hindsight submitted by Mere Rhetoric
Uncoverage – Obama Administration Begins the ” Grab” for Private Retirement Accounts submitted by VA Right
Jihad Watch – Indonesian Islamic supremacists threaten retaliation for Florida Qur’an-burning submitted by Snapped Shot
Points and Figures - George Soros submitted by The Razor
Samson Blinded – A national way like any other submitted by Right Truth
Guernica – The Frugal Superpower submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey
Iowahawk – Barack, Can we Talk? submitted by Bookworm Room
Gates of Vienna – Fear of the Nazi Street submitted by Rhymes with Right
James Rummel/Chicago Boyz – Sounding The Depths submitted by The Glittering Eye
John Podhoretz/Commentary – Queen Esther Goes to Alaska submitted by JoshuaPundit
Rubin Reports – A totally different approach on “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy submitted on behalf of Wolf Howling – Comparing condemnations submitted by The Watcher

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Watcher Council Nominations September 8, 2010